Mission Statement

Learning Today...
Graduating Our Future Leaders Tomorrow

Our vision is to provide an environment of exceedingly excellent educational opportunities to develop future leaders.

The mission of CCES is to partner with parents and the community to help each student reach their highest potential, to restore the passion for learning, and
to equip and inspire all students to achieve unlimited potential through a culture of kindness and learning.

Guiding Principles:

We envision classrooms where...

1. Teachers exhibit consistent and pervasive knowledge of

content areas and technology by utilizing continuous professional learning

2. Teachers are supported by and facilitate instruction

through a team based approach

3.  Students display a vested interest in their academic success

4.  Student learning is optimized through 21st century tools

5.  Student growth and engagement is evident through use of

differentiated instruction and collaborative groups,

included but not limited to

hands on exploration, peer coaching, and personal learning portfolios

6.  Students are provided with a safe, secure, and orderly environment