What is the TOME Society?

Tome is a non-profit Georgia organization that promotes reading, reading challenges, and digital competitions.

The link to their webpage if you would like more information is below.


This year is the first year Crisp Elementary School has joined the TOME Society. We hope that this will be another organization that students can join to feel like they are apart of a community within Crisp Elementary and have something fun outside of school. (Crisp Elementary also offers HOSA for each grade level and 4H for 5th graders only.)

We have opened this up to the whole school, but we do have limited availability. We are hoping to take 20-30 students. The main component we are looking for is a love of reading.

This year is a learning year for us, so we will not compete in the Reading List challenge. We are hoping to compete in the other digital challenges.

TOME 2023