Teachers, if you need help with anything, we hope that you will not hesitate to ask. You have Mrs. Prather and Mrs. Rhodes to help you with any tech, lesson, and content needs that you may have.

Jenna's Tech site

Parent, Student & Teacher tutorials.

Look no further!


School Purchased Resources

DiscoveryEd is purchased by each school and all schools have access. Each teacher has a login for this site. You can ask Mrs. Prather or Mrs. Rhodes for help with login information.


Access through Clever. This site offers GA Standards-aligned content for Science and Social Studies. For the 2021-2022 school year we also have Capstone purchased as well that has many eBooks for students to listen or read on their own.


Just set up as a single teacher use. Has many interactive games with varying content-related material. (Most allow for higher order of thinking skills.)


Access through Clever. Here you have access to songs, video's and activities for all content.

Social Studies Weekly

This is a Social Studies content site that also comes with the paper, newspaper like, copies. The site is useful due to the read aloud component for our students that may struggle.

CCES Teacher Resources From MC Google Folder

This has been shared with all CCES teachers and houses many wonderful ideas. Mainly this houses all of the choice boards Mrs. Prather shares. There is a folder for holiday activities, Monday Morning Marvels, TPT finds, PDF Read Aloud, First Chapter Friday's, and Media Center teacher resource list.


Free for teachers. Up to 100 students with the free version.

Free account for teachers that will allow access to current event articles, quizzes, and customizable classes.


Completely Free. This site can help with eBooks, any content articles, etc. This is an excellent online reference site as well for those ELA standards.


Prodigy & Numberphile

These sites have games and fun videos for math content.


"Access almost 900 math and science lesson plans dating back to 1997. This site did stop uploading in 2006. Some content may be irrelevant, but some math content may still apply.

Free for teachers. Site does offer for you to add a class. You can create assignments, and track performance.


21 Smithsonian Scientists

This has articles and videos in reference to many scientific topics. They have a whole Smithsonian Science Education Center!


Scientific Concepts. This channel has a variety of short videos.


This site has engaging web simulations and activities for students.

NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory.

STEM Lessons.

Social Studies


This site offers it all! Pictures, videos, articles, etc.

Free resources and tools. There is a "kids" section for games and fun activities.

"Teaching People's History" is their tag line.

Kid friendly with game designs and lesson plan suggestions.

This site covers many content areas, Social Studies being one. It offers videos and article content.

Creating Content Resources

EdPuzzle: They do already have many videos created for you, but you can add to these or take away as well as upload your own videos to edit. Kids love this and it is not being used enough! Great site for allowing them to "tell, explain, show" to you their answers to many questions. There are so many unexplored options within this site. This site has much more to offer than social media posts and graphics. There are slide templates, worksheets, calendars, and more.

Google Slides, Google Drawing, Google Sites: Each of these offer teachers a way to create content for any subject as well as Google Sites offering another way of opening communication with students and parents. Google sites could be utilized to allow parents to know exactly what's going on with content, tests, assignments, etc. within your class. This site allows you to create content lists. Content of ANY kind. It allows a little organization into your life! (We all need this!) There are so many possibilities with this site.